What We Do Buy

How many times do we look into our darkest wardrobes and clothes that are ill fitting or just out of fashion and we say I will get in to them one day or they will come back in to fashion very soon. Three years later we are still looking at them squeezed into our wardrobe. Why not be brave, take the plunge and bag it and turn those unwanted clothes in to cash. Make that extra room right now!

We recycle and pay you CASH for YOUR clothes all we ask is that the clothes are clean and folded. We also purchase books (£0.05 per kilo), CD’s and DVD’s (£0.10 per kilo). Important: please keep books, CD’s, DVD’s separate from clothes.

However we are happy to collect damaged clothes or soiled clothes without you incurring any charges but we could not pay for these due to the cost of collection and processing.

Clothes and household items we buy for cash