Donating to a charity

Many people like to give to charity direct, but by choosing to use We Just Recycle and using our cash for old cloths scheme, you can still help a charity of your choice, or why not spread your money out over two or more charities that may be close to your heart ?  All from the comfort of your own home.

We Just Recycle pay you the money direct, so you can be empowered to donate the funds raised to a charity of your choice, not one dictated by the name on a bag.

Furthermore if you are a UK taxpayer, there are options on the web which enable this to be done efficiently or can convert a £10 donation into £12 to a charity of your choice by adding gift-aid to your contribution.

We Just Recycle offer the very best prices for your unwanted clothes, simply and quickly. We offer 50p per kilogram. So why not just bag up your clothes and make some money for charity.

We don’t have hidden price options, so you bag it, we weigh and pay you on collection.
You get the choice to give it where you want to.

Charities to Donate to